The exact resources I recommend for parents + professionals to thrive in business and in life.  

Tools & Resources

Whether you're looking to deeply nourish your baby, yourself, or even your biz — these resources are exactly what you need to help you get started. 

Enjoy my go-to resources (AKA: my favorite things!) to help you thrive on your journey through motherhood and beyond. Oh, and did I mention you can also find some of my best business resources here for my fellow birth + parenting professional peeps? You're welcome!

Skip the Amazon Reviews. These are my tried & true resources. 

And stay tuned for even more of my faves coming soon...

Serenity Kids® nutrient-dense, low sugar baby food made from ethically sourced meats & healthy fats with real ingredients. All of the good, none of the bad! 

for baby

Ready to introduce solids...with a nutrient punch?

Real nutrition, made simple. Because every bite counts. 

Ready to introduce solids...
with a nutrient punch?

Allergy-friendly, grain-free grab-n-go baby puffs make babies’ & toddlers’ snack time a breeze.

Grain-Free Puffs

Ethically sourced meat pouched purees made from high-quality farm-to-high-chair ingredients.

Meat Pouches

Nutrient-dense vegetable purees packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants.

Veggie Pouches

Nourishing dairy-free + protein smoothies designed to support your little ones growth & development.


My Fave On-The-Go, Nutrient-Dense Food for Baby

shop my on-the-go baby food faves


My absolute favorite tool to help you enjoy the ease of eating good food with a personalized meal planner that honors your time and budget.

Meal Planning Made Fun & Delicious

Are you ready to change the way you make meals?

Cook your plan & enjoy! You have everything you need to cook the recipes on your plan. With simple directions you prepare meals for your loved ones. Bon Appétit!

Step #3:

Shop with purpose using a mobile grocery list gives you peace of mind by making sure you only purchase what you need. Real Plans hooks up to Instacart and Amazon Fresh.

Step #2:

Pick your plan, risk free — With a 10 day money back guarantee.

Choose what you want to eat from over 2000 delicious Real Plans recipes, designed by registered dietitians, functional medicine health coaches and food experts.

Step #1:

Just 3 Simple Steps to Get You Started Today...

Nourish your little one(s) with total confidence!

Breastfeeding Support for Mom & Baby

Because sometimes you need a little extra are my trusted programs for new/expecting mamas, moms of multiples, and doulas (plus some of my favorite products) to support you on your journey!

Breastfeeding Support for Mom & Baby

Explore the Courses

Whether you're a new or pregnant mama (or a professional who supports them), research shows that with the right kind of information & support, you're much more likely to reach your overall goals. Exactly the reason why my masterclasses were carefully crafted with a ROBUST community by your side!

Premium Lactation Education & Support


Limited time take



Focused on maternal & child wellness

Limited Time Take $500 Off!

Lactation Education & Support


Washable & reusable nursing pads designed with comfort + leak protection in mind.

More resources to support your breastfeeding journey


Soothe & protect your nursing nipples using the healing properties of silver.

Cake Maternity

From conception through to lactation, these maternity bras have you covered! No pun intended. 😊

Willow Breast Pumps

Wearable, wireless breast pumps making it easy to pump without the added clunkiness.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. However I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and know you will too! 

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Ready for a website you can be proud of? Find out how easy it is to build a stunning website that attracts the right clients & helps you stand out.



Design emails, landing pages, & more that people love to get using email marketing + digital sales tools that bring your brand to life. 



Everything you need to create, build, & grow a sustainable business. Diversify your revenue, build your brand, & turn your audience into customers!



From website building to content creation, product launching, email marketing, and so much more — these are my go-to business faves I have relied on to grow my brand and help it thrive!

My Current Biz Must-Haves

Developed by an IBCLC lactation consultant, herbalist, and (more importantly) a Mama —hello...  that's me! — Mama Thrive's™ nourishing, pure botanical skincare is perfect for every body.

From whipped tallow body butter, to soothing balms mindfully derived from nature and more — each herbal preparation has been carefully crafted to provide deep nourishment for mother + child.

Visit my shop

at Mama Thrive 

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Skin Care to Deeply Nourish + Fully Evoke Your Senses.


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