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THE relentless MAMA

Hey there, I'm Rebecca Burditt

I'm also a board certified lactation consultant, holistic

nutritionist, certified GAPS practitioner, 

doula, research junkie, wannabe chef, newbie farmer,

advocate for real foods,

And, of course, my best title ever... Mom!


lover of all things baby goats. 

Let me tell you a story

My story began the moment I became a mother. (Actually, it happened a bit before that!)

The truth is, I’ve always had a deep passion for holistic health, particularly when it came to nutrition and always knew this would be the path I was going to follow. After all, I believe whole, nutrient-dense (real) food has the power to transform a person’s health and help them heal from deep within, oftentimes far beyond what they’ve been led to believe. So, after high school, I packed my bags to pursue my life's calling by completing my undergraduate degree in nutritional science.  

Of course, my path was a windy road at times... 

And not necessarily in a bad way. What I mean is — I lived life along the way! I advanced my education, became certified in many different wellness modalities, taught fitness classes working as a feminine movement and Pilates instructor, went on adventures, and had babies... lots of babies!

That's when I hit my aha moment where i knew I wanted to combine EVERYTHING wellness related I had been practicing over the years...

and focus my attention on supporting moms + babies. My transition into motherhood after having my first baby in 2004 had been so incredibly life changing. It was also pretty easy for me — at least at first, especially when it came to things like breastfeeding. Unfortunately, this wasn't always the case when I tried helping out friends and family who were struggling. On top of that, once I again found myself pregnant — with triplets! —  I began to notice a serious gap in quality and consistent evidence-based education and support during the prenatal and postpartum period. I knew I had to be part of the solution. So, I dove back into my studies and after a couple years of hard work was so thrilled to be able to wear the title of IBCLC — International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

That was the moment things began to change for me. When I shifted my focus once again...

As I began my work supporting new mothers in my clinical practice, I quickly realized that so many moms were looking for so much more than just breastfeeding support. Infants I saw were coming in with digestive distress, reflux, food sensitivities, eczema, and more. Unfortunately, most of the "solutions" these moms received came in the form of medicated lotions and specialized formulas. 

I knew there had to be a better answer.

On top of that, even with all the professional health education I had under my belt, my own kiddos were getting diagnosed with so many of the modern-day, chronic childhood conditions (autism, asthma, anxiety, eczema, etc.) we see today.

Defining Mama Thrive



I do NOT believe in a “one size fits all” approach and completely respect the biodiversity and unique lifestyle of each individual. As a mother who has birthed and breastfed five children myself, I understand how amazing this period can be with the right kind of education and support — and when you feel your best. My mission is to educate, inspire, empower, nourish, and support mamas as they transition into motherhood. 

I shifted my practice using an integrative approach — infusing the art of traditional wisdom and natural nourishment with modern, evidence-based nutritional science in order to holistically support optimal health in both women and children. By rounding out my education as a certified holistic nutritionist consultant and GAPS™ (Gut & Psychology/Physiology Syndrome) Practitioner, I am passionate about using food as medicine to help individuals heal from the root cause.

Your were meant to feel great, mama. And so were your children!

So, let me help you! Peruse my blog, explore my online courses and professional certification programs to support you on your journey, discover my latest tips & tricks on instagram, or schedule a consultation to dive deeper and get to the root of your/your child's health concerns.

I am a born and raised city girl (Los Angeles to be exact) who packed up my family a couple years ago and moved to a small farm in Santa Barbara County, CA so we could heal deeper and run free. The Mama Thrive of today looks different than when I first envisioned it. Still, it's ultimately a collection of all the real plans and protocols I use in my own life, with my own children, and within my own clinical practice. I hope you enjoy!

Cozy nights,
kid cuddles,
deep breaths,
"Guardians of the Galaxy," 
helping mamas like you thrive

bandaid fixes,
unkind words,
plant-based "foods"

all about



not about
all about


Cozy nights,
kid cuddles,
deep breaths, everything MCU, 
helping mamas like you thrive


not about

bandaid fixes,
unkind words,
making excuses

"ALWAYS THROW SPILT SALT over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, & fall in love whenever you can."

Practical Magic, novel by Alice Hoffman


But there are some things I know for certain:

Everything you need to grow

the push you need to thrive

Connecting with your village

A few of the ways we can connect

Work Together

Did we just become
Mom Friends?

A community Gathered on purpose.

Sounds Fun. Tell me more!

"We're not like a regular community, we're a cool community" 😉
All kidding aside though —
this is THE hub where all the things Mama Thrive happen! 
Here you'll find a growing online (non-FaceBook) community exclusively for those looking to rock all ages and stages of motherhood and totally get their mama thrive on. From sharing stories & milestones to wellness challenges, cheering on others, and more — let's crush this thing together!

This free guide was created for YOU! Here you’ll find a sample of nourishing, simple, healthy practices to help keep you (and your family) thriving through the season.

A Seasonal Wellness Guide to Help you thrive all summer long

MEAL PLANS for Mindful Mamas

Modern nutrition advice during lactation needs a makeover! Why? Because the food you eat while breastfeeding really does matter! So let me help take the guesswork out of it for you.

Each plan is mindful, seasonal, & super delicious. Bon Appétit!

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deeply nourish mom + baby

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This free seasonal wellness guide was created for YOU! Here you’ll find a sample of nourishing, simple, healthy tips to help keep you (& your family) thriving through the season all summer long.

grab the free guide

Free Download!

Limited Time Only!

Modern nutrition advice during lactation needs a makeover! Why? Because the food you eat while breastfeeding really does matter! So let me help take the guesswork out of it for you.

Each plan is mindful, seasonal, & super delicious. Bon Appétit!

MEAL PLANS for Mindful Mamas

deeply nourish mom + baby

Enjoy my go-to resources (AKA: my favorite things!) to help you thrive on your journey through motherhood and beyond. Oh, and did I mention you can also find some of my best biz resources here for my fellow birth + parenting professional peeps? You're welcome!

My top tools & resources

a few of my 
favorite things

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Developed by an IBCLC lactation consultant, herbalist, and (more importantly) a Mama —hello...  that's me! — Mama Thrive's™ nourishing, pure botanical skincare is perfect for every body.

From whipped tallow body butter, to soothing balms mindfully derived from nature and more — each herbal preparation has been carefully crafted to provide deep nourishment for mother + child.

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A Holistic Maternal & Child Health Practitioner, using real food nutrition and organic living to raise my farm grown kids on our California Central Coast farm. I help empower mamas (& the professionals who support them) to thrive like a mother.™ 
You ready?

I'm Rebecca Burditt.

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