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Real Food, Traditional Wisdom & Wellness Inspiration to Nourish Your WHOLE Journey Through Motherhood

At Mama Thrive, I believe the path to health & healing starts with real food + whole body wellness. What we put in & how we care for our bodies matter as this truly has the power to transform our health & that of our future generations. 

This type of nourished self-care allows us to show up as our best selves every single day and to treat ourselves with just as much love as those we are caring for. This is how we mama thrive!

We thrive when our children thrive and our children thrive when we thrive.

My philosophy is pretty simple:

hey mama!


Holistic nutrition + lactation education to support you and your clients through fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, babies, and beyond! 

What I share...

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Fueled by equal parts iced green tea and passion, I am a fearless Mama Bear who spends my days supporting mamas - and the professionals who support them - nourish the next generation.

With more than a decade of experience helping women reach their wellness goals and almost two decades as a mama of many, I understand that (at times) motherhood can be hard! My goal is to share the exact education & support I've provided to thousands of families throughout the years to help you holistically thrive on your journey through motherhood and beyond! 

Meet Rebecca Burditt

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Breastfeeding SurThrival

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A Blog Created with You in Mind.

Helping to nourish moms & babies just got easier! Whether you're new to holistic nutrition & wellness or you want to dive deeper, this blog will provide you with the tools, skills, and education you need so you can start deeply nourishing mom + baby today!

Real Answers. Real Solutions.

Research shows that with the right kind of information and support, you're much more likely to reach your [insert goal here] goals. Do you have a plan to reach yours?

At Mama Thrive Academy, learn from anywhere, anytime, anyplace. That's right! It's like you have an all access Netflix pass to your integrative nutrition & lactation education. Experience on-the-go like never before!

Hope you're ready to seriously level up your education...

School of Holistic Nutrition + Lactation


Everything you need to confidently feed your baby & thrive on your breast/chestfeeding journey — all in one unique, comprehensive course.

This masterclass is taught using a unique, holistic approach to lactation discussing topics not typically covered in most traditional courses. You in?

The Breastfeeding Masterclass

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Learn how to holistically educate and support your clients — PLUS satisfy your 3+ hour breastfeeding class requirement to apply for your Doula Certification.

This unique course provides training grounded in evidence-based lactation education + holistic wellness, coupled with supporting the doula (AKA: YOU!). 

Breastfeeding for Doulas 


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Helping to nourish moms & babies just got better! This program will provide you with the tools you need to start the career you've been dreaming about!

This is the first & only program to uniquely offer a focus using real food nutrition + traditional wisdom to optimally support lactation & the health of mom & baby.

Holistic Lactation Nutrition Consultant Certification Program


Enrolling Spring 2023!

Rebecca was my savior during the early weeks/months of my breastfeeding journey. She was loving, warm, gentle and always available when I felt defeated. Thank you Rebecca for believing in me and being the best support partner on this journey!

Sylvana P.

Michelle R.

Rebecca is amazing! She is the perfect combination of knowledgeable and friendly. She was easily able to accurately assess the lactation issues my baby and I were having and gave really good advice. 

Mom Friends!

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"I'm not a regular newsletter, I'm a cool newsletter" ;-) All kidding aside —
I know we're all busy mamas so I promise to only drop you weekly tips, must-know resources, and content created to help Y-O-U (& baby) thrive!


This free recipe guide was created for YOU! Here you’ll find a sample of nourishing, simple, healthy fall-inspired dishes using seasonal ingredients to help support lactation and aid postpartum recovery.

Flavors of Fall Recipe Guide

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Limited time only!

Enjoy my go-to resources (and favorite things!) to help you in your thrive on your journey through motherhood and beyond. Oh, and did I mention you can also find some of my best biz resources here for my fellow birth + parenting professional peeps? You're welcome!

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A passionate Mama Bear, using real food nutrition and organic living to raise my farm grown kids on our California Central Coast farm. I help empower mamas (& the professionals who support them) to thrive like a mother.   You ready?

I'm Rebecca Burditt.

Mom Friends!

Let's be

"I'm not a regular newsletter, I'm a cool newsletter" ;-) All kidding aside —
I know we're all busy mamas so I promise to only drop you weekly tips, must-know resources, and content created to help Y-O-U (& baby) thrive!

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Flavors of Fall - Recipe Guide

It's not a free Pumpkin spice Latte, but it's still great:

Grab your FREE Autumn-Inspired recipe guide to support lactation and help nourish mom + baby. 

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