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Research shows that with the right kind of information and support, you're much more likely to reach your [insert personal goal here] goals. Do you have a plan to reach yours — AND one that fits your busy lifestyle?

Learn from anywhere, anytime, anyplace. That's right! It's like you have an all access Netflix pass to your integrative nutrition & lactation education.
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I believe in empowering parents — and the professionals who support them — to confidently nourish themselves and that of our future generations.

Whether you're new to holistic nutrition & wellness or you want to dive deeper — these courses, workshops, programs, and guides were created with you in mind. Each one using the real plans and protocols I use in my own life, and with the families I support within my clinical practice. 

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OR- You want to create a life (&/or biz) you can't wait to wake up to each day. 

What are you waiting for? Now's the time to get started! Every program & guide here at Mama Thrive Academy™ infuses the art of traditional wisdom and deep nourishment with modern, evidence-based science in order to holistically support optimal health in both mother and child.

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You want to feel like your best self in order to best support others. 


You want someone to help show you real solutions that actually work. 

Mama Thrive Academy is for you if:

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Learn how to holistically educate and support your clients — PLUS satisfy your 3+ hour breast/chestfeeding class requirement to apply for your Doula Certification.


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The classic breastfeeding masterclass upgraded to support the mama of multiples! Whether you're expecting twins, triplets, or more — now's the time to get the support you deserve.

Breastfeeding Multiples Masterclass

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Everything you need to confidently feed your baby & thrive on your breast/chestfeeding journey — all in one unique, comprehensive (community supported) program.

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So, you were recently told you needed to eliminate dairy or soy (or both) from your diet while breast/chestfeeding to help soothe your little one's sensitivity. Am I right?

While the thought of even temporarily putting down your favorite cheese might sound like too much to bear — #saidallthemoms — this guide will set you up with the tools & resources (and don't forget some mouth-watering recipes) you need to help set yourself up for success!

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Rebecca was my savior during the early weeks/months of my breastfeeding journey. She was loving, warm, gentle and always available when I felt defeated. Thank you Rebecca for believing in me and being the best support partner on this journey!

Sylvana P.

Michelle R.

Rebecca is amazing! She is the perfect combination of knowledgeable and friendly. She was easily able to accurately assess the lactation issues my baby and I were having and gave really good advice. 

Postpartum cert

Helping to nourish moms & babies just got better! Whether you're new to holistic nutrition or you want to dive deeper, this program will provide you with the tools you need to start the career of your dreams!

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Focused on maternal & child wellness

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Here you'll find a growing online (non-FaceBook) community exclusively for those looking to rock all ages and stages of motherhood and totally get their mama thrive on. From sharing stories & milestones to wellness challenges, cheering on others, and more — let's crush this thing together!

This free guide was created for YOU! Here you’ll find a sample of nourishing, simple, healthy practices to help keep you (and your family) thriving through the season.

A Seasonal Wellness Guide to Help you thrive all summer long

MEAL PLANS for Mindful Mamas

Modern nutrition advice during lactation needs a makeover! Why? Because the food you eat while breastfeeding really does matter! So let me help take the guesswork out of it for you.

Each plan is mindful, seasonal, & super delicious. Bon Appétit!

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deeply nourish mom + baby

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This free seasonal wellness guide was created for YOU! Here you’ll find a sample of nourishing, simple, healthy tips to help keep you (& your family) thriving through the season all summer long.

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Limited Time Only!

Modern nutrition advice during lactation needs a makeover! Why? Because the food you eat while breastfeeding really does matter! So let me help take the guesswork out of it for you.

Each plan is mindful, seasonal, & super delicious. Bon Appétit!

MEAL PLANS for Mindful Mamas

deeply nourish mom + baby

Enjoy my go-to resources (AKA: my favorite things!) to help you thrive on your journey through motherhood and beyond. Oh, and did I mention you can also find some of my best biz resources here for my fellow birth + parenting professional peeps? You're welcome!

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Developed by an IBCLC lactation consultant, herbalist, and (more importantly) a Mama —hello...  that's me! — Mama Thrive's™ nourishing, pure botanical skincare is perfect for every body.

From whipped tallow body butter, to soothing balms mindfully derived from nature and more — each herbal preparation has been carefully crafted to provide deep nourishment for mother + child.

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Skin Care to Deeply Nourish + Fully Evoke Your Senses.


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A Holistic Maternal & Child Health Practitioner, using real food nutrition and organic living to raise my farm grown kids on our California Central Coast farm. I help empower mamas (& the professionals who support them) to thrive like a mother.™ 
You ready?

I'm Rebecca Burditt.

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