Lactation Boosting Fig & Cashew Smoothie

Growing up, anytime I thought about figs, I automatically associated them with that popular cookie so many kids at school had packed in their lunchboxes.

You know what I’m talking about.

For some reason, even though I was never a picky eater, I didn’t like those cookies. I thought they were weird.

I don’t know why. They just weren’t for me.

After that, anytime I was offered even a regular fig I would immediately shoot it down.

Sound unreasonable?

Of course!

But, whatever the reason – I am sad to report that I did not actually ever even try a fig until my adult years, and boy was I missing out!


Packed with a nutritional punch, figs are not only a super delicious, quick and easy snack; but they also contain many vitamins and minerals to help support a new mama’s bodily system in addition to aiding in postpartum healing and promoting a healthy milk supply.

Once revered as one of the sacred plants of women, these nutrient-dense powerhouses are particularly high in potassium and several other nutrients (such as manganese, magnesium and calcium) that may have been depleted during pregnancy and birth and may be further depleted while breastfeeding.

When dried, the nutritional benefits of figs increase even more.

Another awesome quality of figs is that they not only contain high levels of digestive enzymes, but fiber too which further aids the digestive system.

This is über beneficial not only for nursing mamas, but for all new moms during the postnatal period since digestion during pregnancy and the immediate postpartum becomes sluggish.

So, if you want to speed up your postpartum healing and recovery AND move things along in the bathroom 😉 – well, it’s time to get blending!


Are you a breastfeeding mama looking for a quick and easy recipe to help boost your milk supply?

Well, this simple (and super delicious) lactation smoothie is the answer.

Packed with lactogenic ingredients such as figs, dates, cashews, cinnamon, and honey; this super food smoothie is not only nutrient-dense, but helps to promote a healthy milk supply as well.

Blend well and enjoy!


  • 2-4 fresh figs (dried figs can also be used)
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or any other milk of choice)
  • 2 tablespoons cashew butter OR 2 tablespoons raw cashews (soaked for 4 hours)
  • 1-2 dates (pitted, & soaked for 20 min)
  • 1 teaspoon raw, unheated, unfiltered honey
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 handful of ice cubes

Note: Honey should never be given to a child under 12 months old.


1. Wash, remove stems & chop the fresh figs.

2. Place all ingredients in blender.

3. Blend until creamy & smooth.

4. Top with extra fig, cinnamon or cashews if desired.

Feel free to play with the ratios of dates & raw honey in your smoothie in order to adjust sweetness (especially if using dried figs)!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an easy & delicious, quick-make smoothie for any mom, breastfeeding or not, to have on hand. If you’re truly experiencing low milk supply please contact your local lactation consultant right away. Relying ONLY on teas, herbal supplements, or lactation treats to help increase supply without addressing the root cause of the low milk supply can hinder a successful breastfeeding outcome.




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